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Mary Duggan’s poetry suggests the Irish Rakka's storytelling tradition with the spark of song-like performance and the dark ‘spin’ of its  strange twists. 

A regular reader for Enfield Poets she is active London wide in readings and  local pubs.

She has performed in theatre and at charitable events and been selected to write and read for  official ‘opening’ events; and enjoys facilitating poetry workshops for families and pupils; in  Slovenian schools and at local festivals etc.

She has been variously published online; in 'Enfield Poetic Voices'. On the BBC; in Feminist literature and has had exhibitions of her poems in The Dugdale Centre. Enfield  and in local anthology.


She was requested by the London Borough of Enfield to write and read the poem for  Enfield's dedication and 2018 centenary celebration of Women’s suffrage.

Performing this at Palmers Green to a large reception including the Mayor of Enfield and local M.P’s .

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