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Love Poems



“Sorry I can’t take your call but leave a message

and I’ll get back to you! ”


My heart beats at the phone’s bleep. My quiet fire

doused again by this static reply

with no personal message left

though I’ve phoned countless times

I wonder, did I miss his call or knock at the door?


Denials bubble while truth simmers below -

that this Spring for lovers is over -

Though I  tell myself there is still time

for his buttercup smile to shine on mine -

To forgive and forget his staying away so long


see his foot shuffle the step

Hear those  keys jangled in front of me

from those fleeting visits the hasty retreats

Both of us now avoiding the neck give

the perfunctory peck at each cheek...


for should he pass by, for that proper goodbye -

before I pack and move away - he’ll say

in the casual way he’s just in the area

but can’t stop for tea, That someone

“... is waiting, you see !”


Only a winter’s devastation arrives

and  need to brush the deadwood away.

Close the door on its chill and  listen

to the voicemail reply say:  

“I’m sorry. The number you have dialled

cannot been recognised - Please try again !”                                                  MtD 2018 

Brief Encounter 


We rendezvous, away from daysight

and prying eyes. My fingertips

feel their way to familiar shapes

Down the stairs we meet in a shadows’ greet

when this Juliet streams in -

Rises in  colour stain, her sun resting

my windowpane -An unnatural thing

the semi opaque face, a sheet of grief

that kills the envious moon

The fair sun, quick to delight off again

in flight like some disturbed lover

trails as specks of silvered dust -


leaving her love-sick’ kiss from this

incomplete metamorphosis  

MtD 2018

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