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Love Poems

Silk Screen in Green
(After Andy Warhol)

It's a car crash waiting to happen Fueled by passion A car crash waitin’ to happen Not gonna’ go the mile… A car crash waiting to happen! Gonna’ run out of gas! A car crash The bump- an -grind To the headlights blind The start and stall A car crash ready To happen The victim, smashing through the windscreen - When all that's left is a tangled mess All the indicators on, You knew it was a car crash ready to happen! © Mary T Duggan

Meet me

Meet me. Whenever you're around! Meet me on the underground! Meet me for some fish n chips Meet me for that sneaky kiss ! Meet me, day or night - Meet when your time is right Don't let me bite my fingernails, or worry that our love has failed - Meet me when my dawn call comes. Meet me when my last breath runs. © Mary T Duggan

Love is a wrecker

A ball and chain which swings and demolishes. Extinguishes, like climate change. A founding ship where the fingernails cling - Barely afloat, without a lifeboat. Sinking fast, the exile cast to that island of grief Where loves dark detritus besmirches our lives … Risk it, if you must it may only lead to dust! © Mary T Duggan

Right Time, Valentine?

February again, and I think of what might have been, Imagine that gleaming cheeky grin to your smile As we shared our curiosity At the world's spin; We diggers of ideas To that paradise of bird-flight, Conversing within some side-street cafe Talking of art, Of archaeology or the opera. Exploring the treasure trove Of passing strangers While we slowly sip Through our spiral-hearts To our latte cappuccino Watch that nascent nebula of sun dance the waterway… Wa…i…t ! A real-time brake ! To my phone screeching for its instant reply To confirm some spare moment Fit an additional arrangement to my full diary That distant memory distils itself within my mind … Of how he said he required selfish time That my global personality would be wholly unsuitable, And scuppered any plans for a love-in! © Mary T Duggan

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